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Cockpit-view of the bell 212
The Jumeirah Palm Island from 4000 ft. AGL
Approaching Auckland in the EC-130 B4. Operated by AdvancedFlight
Turning right heading to Palma de Mallorca on the Jumpseat of an Airbus 320-200
Hands on Throttle when approaching Hamburg on a Boeing 737-800
Feeling the freedom in an Eurocopter AS 350
Winner of the airliners.net photographers Choice Award and fliegerMagazin photo competition
Throttle unit of the Airbus 320-200 by night
Boeing 777-300 Emirates landing with heavy crosswinds
Parachuting Accuracy Worldcup in Belluno/ITA
AS 350 of the Elifriulia
Enjoying the rising sun over France.
Patroullie Suisse performs a stunning air show at the ILA 2010
Cockpit View of the Pilatus Porter PC 6
Boeing 737-800
EC 135 takes off. Camera was triggered by radio remote control
Air Berlin Cabin
Elifriulia approaching landing spot
Approaching Sylt in the Premier IA. Awesome feeling to travel in a private Jet
Boeing 777-300 Emirates close up in Hamburg
Mangusta takes off in Belluno/ITA